50% GPU usage GTX 1080ti on BFV

Jun 25, 2018
my spec are-
i7 8700 non k
16gb ram single channel
msi gtx 1080ti stock
i play on 1080p 144hz
in BFV on a mix of ultra and low settings i get about 120fps whichs dips to 60-70fps occasionally while massive shit happens
while during all this my gpu usage in afterburner stays around 50-60% never goes beyond that and core clock is 1920 stable with temp 65-68
should i get more fps ?
or low settings are not pushing the card enough
i am also using DX12 with future frame rendering off
in DX11 i get 15-20 fps less all the time compared to DX12
what can i do to get constant fps above 100 or more


Aug 17, 2018
hard to say, but it looks like you are just not using it that is why you get 50-60% but why it dips on "massive shit happends" is cause that mass shit happends :) the gpu loads most of what it needs but in instances when dunno (hypothetical) every player dies in a explosion, it would probably bring to a crawl any card and cpu cause it need to figure out where everything has to go(witch limb flies where, objects, debris, players, cameras , lighthing , smokes, flares, rays, exploosions. and many many more stuff) in that moment in that milisecond and it just overloads the cpu and gpu and after dunnno 20 ms it worked it out so you will never see it climb up to 90-100% if its not constant over half a second or more. its more to game optimization then to the hardware on how constant frame rates are. that is why single player instances usually work on higher fps, cause the game developer knows what happends next so it can load the necessary stuff before it happens, and in multiplayer where its unknown that happends and its dips constantly


Mar 21, 2013
Not every game will put 100% GPU usage or CPU usage. Whether its from being poorly optimized or it's not capable of full usage, due to a bottleneck or low setting. It even scales.
For example if I have a 1080ti at 20% usage, I'll get 140FPS
with the same game and settings but a 1060, it will STILL only use 20% and get 60FPS (Not real benchmarked numbers).

Typically you won't have to worry about how much usage too much. Even Assassin's Creed games, with Denuvo(Anti-Cheat) will put your CPU at 100% regardless of how powerful of a machine you have, and have crap FPS


May 11, 2012
BF 5 right now runs the cpu very high. i7 8700k is at 80-90% while my rtx 2080 ti is the same. Try going into the Nvidia settings, Manage 3D settings, Program Settings tab, have BF 5 program listed, scroll down to Power management mode, change it to Power maximum performance. This allows the gpu to use the boost, it should use 90-100% and more fps. Also for the rtx 2080 ti it runs better with DX12 and Future Frame setting on. Not sure about your card.