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Question 50% of games crash on my pc

Jul 3, 2020
I bought a pre-built computer that has an i9 9900k and rtx 2080ti. I've had it since 2018, and it constantly crashes whenever I try to play graphic-intensive games. (Sometimes not even ones with good graphics.) I've tried cleaning out my pc and using msi afterburner's scan and test, where it says it's only 27% confident in the settings it chose. When games crash, they usually show bright lights/artifacts flickering around the screen, or black diagonal line flickering, and these are always followed by the game freezing up or crasing. Does anyone know what could be causing this and how I could try to fix it?


I've tried using the "reset" button in afterburner, but that doesn't help, is there another way I can fully reset it to stock settings or is that it?
I'd suggest uninstalling afterburner and all of it's settings...then uninstall your gpu drivers using DDU and start with a fresh install of the latest driver.

If you're getting artifacts you need to determine if the standard gpu install is ok or if the card is defective...before you overclock. Some cards are already at the edge from the factory and simply don't have the headroom for overclocking.


Mar 2, 2011
Power Supply - not sure, will add to this comment soon
Check that as this component is critical to the smooth operation of your 9900k cpu and 2080ti video card.

Toshiba HDWD110
Once you sort out your PC crashes, buy a solid state drive asap, and clone your system image to it - don't use that horrible mechanical drive to boot from - your system will be significantly faster.