Question 5000D corsair case fan hub and MSI mag tomahawk wifi headers


Aug 8, 2019
Hello, so recently I decided to build a PC and because I'm new to all of this I don't really know where should I connect my 5000D case's fan hub (PWM cable - this is the only cable I had trouble with). First I tried to plug it to cpu fan header but the fans spinned for two seconds and stopped. Although I didn't smell any smoke or seen any smoke, I'm assuming I fried them because they aren't working anymore ( I haven't checked if they work with fan header).

The fans are 4pin. The fans hub is 4pin as well. My motherboard has only sys fan headers and not the chassis headers.

Now the hub header from the chassis is connected to the sys fan header and I'd like to know if it's connected right before I fry more fans.

Manual to the motherboard:


Retired Mod
Actually, your system has

1x 4-pin CPU fan connector
1x 4-pin water-pump connector
4x 4-pin system fan connectors

And the "system fan connectors" are more than capable of handling both DC (3 pin) and PWM (4 pin) fans, and controlling the speed directly based on settings in your BIOS configuration, as are ALL of the fan headers that are on that motherboard. I wouldn't even use the case hub. The fan headers and controls on your motherboard are superior and will work with basically any kind of fan you want to use. Also, these are high quality circuits, unlike what is generally included with most cases, which are EXTREMELY cheap hubs.