500gb wdc Hardrive only shows 400gb!


Apr 21, 2012
i dont now if a have a problem my computer runs good almost for me and my games But today when i open my pc case to open it i check the harddrive esticker And i get a litle surprice there when i se that is a 500gb wdc harddrive when i check on my computer and i go to properties ACER C says that i have 84gb used space and 313 gb of free space and says that the harddrive capacity is 400gb I dont nowwats happening but i think that this is weird! is a windows xp sp3 pc blablabla help please....



This is because the Marketing Department (Thats' pronounced the 'crafty lying dept') advertises the drive as 500GB = 500,000,000,000 bytes. Yet computers use base two so 500GiB is actually 536,870,912,000 bytes. So first of all your drive, if all space is used for one partition will be reported as 465.66GiB.

Add to that, many manufacturers will put a hidden partition on the drive which contains a restore feature to put the machine back to it's factory software that came on it when it was purchased. These can vary in size, but probably will explain the missing space not included in the marketing speak above.