Question 500w enough?

It's a Cooler Master MWE Bronze 500
There are 2 versions of this PSU:
You can identify the exact version by looking up the Model I referenced above on your PSU label/sticker. This is important because the V2 is much better than the V1.
sorry didn't know there was more than 1 version. It's the v1, is it bad?
The MWE Bronze V1 units are pretty low quality in general... also, for the V1 450W,500W models(like yours) are even worse than the >=550W ones in terms of design.
Now, your configuration is pretty power efficient with the 3700X being a 65W TDP CPU and the 5600XT peaking at ~200W.
That PSU will probably be fine for the time being, but I'll strongly suggest to get something decent when you can. Considering your components, that cheapo and low quality CM unit doesn't really match.

Depending from what country and/or online store are you buying from, I could leave some recommendations.