500W PSU for Sapphire HD7950


Oct 30, 2012
Right now I have a 450W PSU with an AMD Sapphire HD7950 which works but I think only because my motherboard and CPU are very dated (Intel e7400) and since I'm upgrading my CPU to an Ivy Bridge i5 and a decent Asrock mobo I'm guessing that my 450W PSU just won't do it anymore. Recommended PSU for my GPU is 500W.

http://www.novatech.co.uk/products/components/powersupplies/nov-psu500.html I was looking at PSUs and found this, and yet it wasn't a proper brand it had really good reviews so should I take a gamble and get this or just get a decent branded PSU?

Well, the CX500 isn't going to be much of an upgrade unless the OPs current PSU is low quality. It's more of a 450W PSU if you ask me.