512 or 1 gig


Oct 9, 2009
Hi All
What is the difference in performance between the Sapphire HD 4850 512 and 1 gig???? I am not running HD at present, system is
Gigabyte S Series daul core 6gig mem 500w power supply presently running ati 1600pro. but now decent games require a higher spec,
The Saphire 4850 looks good. would this support latest gaming,
The HD4850 is not really fast enough to get any real benefit from the larger memory, stick with 512Mb.
In a few weeks ATI will release its new mid-range 57xx cards, these have DX11 support, run cooler and (possibly) quieter than current cards, so it may pay you to wait until they are released and reviewed before making a decision.
That said, a '4850 is going to be a huge step up:).
This will show you where each card falls relative to the others in performance:


All I can suggest is you look for the best deals.
A few sites to look at: Overclockers, Scan, CCL, Misco, Microdirect, Pixmania, E-buyer and Dabs, although there is plenty more.
A final point: The PSU, for most higher-end cards it will need at least one 6-pin
PCI-E connector and 30A on the +12v rail/s and for a HD4870/GTX260 I think 36A is suggested and it will need two 6 pin connectors.