Question 512gb Sabrent rocket NVME is not letting me initialise....

Jan 9, 2020
I received an m.2 nvme for Christmas. I did some research to make sure the new m.2 is compatible with my motherboard (MSI b350 gaming pro (late 2017)). I've been slowing upgrading my original gaming rig over the last 1-2 years starting with a new case and power supply as I have gained more knowledge and experience than my naive 15-year-old self.

Anyway, I received my 512gb nvme m.2 and set it up using the motherboard manual (not very helpful for m.2...) and booted my PC up which is already running win 10 on a standard sshd. To my surprise not showing up in bios, did some research and found this is common in devices that have not been initialized. Started up win 10 and went into disk management and went to format it and it won't let me, even tho its showing up and when I go into properties it says "Sabrent" which is the brand name, etc. these rules out dead m.2 or slot.

It says the disk has not migrated or failed to migrate.....

Any response or help would be great as I've been stumped for about 2 weeks really wanting to download games etc on a fast SSD


Apr 20, 2016
When I first upgraded to SSD from HDD I cloned and transferred my HDD using some program that partitioned my NVMe & I could set it to primary boot in my BIOS (I think it was Ease or something)