51mpbs instead of 1000mbps on gigabit ethernet?


Aug 31, 2007

At home I have a gigabit router and 2 gigabit switches
On one of the switchtes I have a desktop and a laptop both connected in gigabit (WIFI disabled) and the transfer is really slow
The light on the switch is green for both computers (1GBPS) and network connectivity in Windows 7 and 8 both show 1GBPS

I can only get 6.4MB/seconds which represents 51mbps, if it was working properly I should be close to 1000mbps which is close to 125MB/seconds

How can I speed up this gigabit ethernet?




Definitely way too slow. You will have to look at each component, cables, adapters, switches/routers, and drivers. Also take a look at the storage device on each end to see if it is working well.

I usually use LANSpeedTest ( http://www.totusoft.com/lanspeed1.html ) and get around 820-830Mbps on my gigabit network from any machine to any other (all machines have SSDs, or large RAID 5 or 6 arrays with large sequential files, so the network is the limit in transfer speeds).
In addition to RealBeast: switch off the virus scanner and firewall on both machines for a test and look at the cpu load on the laptop. Restart both machines and transfer a small file from pc to laptop. If it's faster, you have a problem with the hdd on the laptop, because the small file goes to cache first.