Neither Honestly. About equally pitiful in speed. The 5200 is a DX9 card, but too slow for dx9 games

8500, 8500le, 9100 are all better than 9200 (or FX5200) and priced about the same. (If you can find one of these in your area)

If you can afford to go higher:

Ti4200 (DX8), R9600 (DX9) are better than all the above. Ti4200 fastest fps for the most part except only DX8 and slower with AA/AF. R9600 equals 8500 in DX8, but is a DX9 card and can handle AA/AF in many games. So depends on your uses and personal preference between these two cards.

R9600 Pro/XT .... now your talking.

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Jun 26, 2002
R9200 is better.

GF4 Ti4200 is the best card for you if you can spend a bit more money

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