533 vs 667 Memory Performance


Feb 3, 2007
for a new Shuttle SK22G2 System, with a VIA K8M890CE + VIA VT8237R chipset and a AMD X2 3800 EE CPU I am thinking about the right RAM chips.

Is there a performance increase with the slightly costlier 667 RAMs (or even 800) over the 533s to be expected?
Does the CL4 / CL5 parameter make any difference?

Thanks for hints or URLs to benchmarks etc!


Feb 5, 2007
Hi, I'm a bit of a noob but have a similar question so I thought I'd post in here too, instead of creating a redundant topic.

I'm wondering the difference between DDR2-667 and DDR2-800. Besides the obvious difference in speed, I'd like to know peoples' opinions on real world performance. Is it noticible, and more importantly: is it worth the $$$?
Even on Dell's high-end XPS710 there is no option for DDR2-800 so I'm wondering how crucial it is.

Also can someone please explain to me why DDR2-667 is also called PC2 5400 and DDR2-800 is PC2 6400? I never understood that. I have 512mb of PC1066 RDRAM on my current system and don't know how it compares to current RAM speeds.

I'm sure a lot of you would be disgusted by this, but I plan on buying a Dell PC (I built my current PC 5 years ago and am no longer interested in making my own) and am wondering how you can find out the details of the motherboards/chipsets used by Dell's PCs.
I plan on waiting until May of this year to buy a Dell because I'm waiting for the Bearlake Chipset and Intel E6650, both with 1333mHz FSB.

I have no interest in OCing so I want to buy the fastest stock PC.

Your thoughts??



Dec 24, 2006
Well i am no expert on ram but i do know that high speed ram such as 800 is only worth the money if you plan on overclocking. If your not then your better off just buying 2x the ram at 533mhz. As for the CL4 to CL5 difference it helps but not worth the money unless your a performance freak.