5400rpm surveillance hdd for desktop use


Jul 17, 2017
Hey i was planning to buy a new hdd but prices in my country are sky high and probably won't go down any time soon so i started to look for surveillance hdds and found one for pretty cheap price but im not sure to buy it it's wd 2tb purple hdd ( https://www.amazon.com/Purple-2TB-Surveillance-Hard-Drive/dp/B071RM2HS7 this one to be exact) and i searched about it and only came up with 54000rpm hdd's doesnt cause massive lags in daily or gaming use but increase load times massively. I don't care about load times too much and i need that kind of storage so should i buy it or any massive downsides of having surveillance hdd? Thanks for all the help and im sorry for my broken English since im not native english speaker
ThatcherHK33 , always use the right drive for the right job. A surveillance drive is designed to be used 24x7 and using it for just game storage and regular every day use you wot get the max out of that dive. Will it work? Yes, but you will be paying more for a drive and not getting its full potential. It is best to use a drive for storage instead.

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