5600+ Underclock


Jul 27, 2008
I recently built a new computer, and got me an Athlon (Brisbane) 5600+, not knowing there was a version other than Windsor :cry: . I was hoping for the 14x Multiplier of the Windsor, but the Brisbane is 14.5x -and by what I understand uneven multiplier numbers are bad for RAM. And this seems to be the case, since my DDR2 800 (Kingston) is doing 364hz, according to CPU-Z. So I was trying to underclock it to 14x to see if it makes the memory run faster, but everytime I try I set it through BIOS and it seems to be ok, but then when the computer turns on I check CPU-Z and it's right back to 14.5x. How do I do it? Should other things such as the memory timings be changed?

Or, should I be trying at all? Would this indeed make the memory go faster?
Brisbane is better for power consumption and lower heat but for flat out gaming Windsor is better. The Windsor 64x2 5600+ has twice the Cache of the Brisbane version and has an even multiplier which allows the ram to clock at 800MHz as opposed to 667MHz with the Brisbane.

Even though the Windsor is clocked 100 MHz lower than the Brisbane (2.8GHz vs 2.9GHz) the Windsor still beats out the Brisbane in ALL benchmarks with out exception. It is not by a giant amount but it does beat it.

I would not worry about the difference between DDR 667 and DDR 800 Ram clocks. It is so minor. Like 1-3% difference in performance. If your games are lagging then you need a stronger Video Card.