Question 5600X + 3070 VS 3080 (Cannot find consistent benchmark results)


Oct 15, 2013
Is anyone aware of any benchmarks / metrics showing these 2 cards paired with this CPU? I've seen a couple of videos, but don't put too much faith in them.
Really just trying to find a solid answer and maybe something to point other people to in future,

The TL
Looking at a 5600x but have hit a bit of paralysis when deciding between 3070 / 3080; Whilst I'm not out to get "all the frames", I don't want to leave performance on the table before I've even build the thing.

I've had a look around (both on here and the internet at large) and after ignoring the "bottleneck calculators" there isn't much to go on apart from comments along the line of "yeah either will work".

Personal Investigation
If anyone is as much of an anorak as me and wants to check my testing - please go ahead!
I thought I'd be a bit canny and would compare a website's own reviews of the 5600x and the 3070/3080 to see how they stacked up. This led to more headaches of different settings / resolutions / test setups etc. but found KitGuru's, which fit the bill.

My idea being I could see the max FPS the 70/80 could achieve (paired with the 10900K to avoid bottlenecks), and then see the max FPS 5600x could achieve (in this example paired with a 3080 eagle OC to avoid bottlenecks). Once I had these numbers I'd be able to determine how much FPS would be lost / gained by taking the GPU numbers, and seeing if they were lower than the CPU numbers.
Please tell me if this doesn't make sense / is wrong!

With this in mind, you would believe that the test showing the 3080 benchmark with the 10900K, would be the same as the 10900K benchmark with the 3080. But there is 50+FPS between the results sometimes! (Same resolution / game / settings)..
E.G. On 5600x review - 10900K + 3080 Eagle OC = 109FPS. On 3070 review - 3080 Eagle OC + 10900K = 181FPS.
(I know this CPU/GPU have nothing to do with the CPU/GPU in question, this is just to highlight the seemingly inconsistent results I've been seeing, and am therefore having trouble deciding between the two!)

3070 Review
5600x Review