Question 5600x and 4080?


Dec 11, 2016
As it looks like my motherboard is acting like a zombie and needs replacement , I wonder if I should keep my actual cpu the 5600x to run with my brand new rtx 4080.
Is it significantly bottlenecking the 4080 or the bottleneck is too low to even noticing it?
In case of bottleneck , do you recommend another ryzen cpu or an intel like the 12600k ?
I have an oled TV 4k 120hz vrr
Then I don’t see any problem. I ran a 3700x and 3080 occasionally on a 4K 120Hz OLED. I never had any problems hitting 100-120fps while tweaking games. Your cpu is about 10-15% faster for gaming and a 4080 will let you run higher game settings. Because you only need 100-120fps the cpu is less of an issue than if for example aiming for 200+ fps.
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