Question 5600x good for gaming?




Look at some reviews, and decide if it is what you are after.


The 5600x is a great cpu for what it is, however I am of the opinion 6 core cpus may be starting to get to the point where they won’t be relevant long term. It’s not that it won’t work great for a couple of years, I own one myself, but since I’m planning to get at least another year or two out of my pc, I’m thinking of picking up 5900x for one final cpu update on this board.
With the price drops that occurred several months back, the 5800X would get my nod, even if the extra 2 cores and extra 100-200 MHz were not really what I'd call 'necessary' for gaming based on the comparisons. (I figure the 2 added cores/4 more threads might get you an extra year or even 2 years of 'more than adequate for gaming'-status...

Math Geek

once you pass 1080p and head to higher resolutions, the gpu becomes more and more important. it'll be fine so long as you got the gpu to make sure the 1440p is a good experience for you.

as others have noted, the price drops bring other cpu's into the conversation such as the 57/5800x or even the 5900x depending on your budget. but the lower cost of the 5600x might be just what you need to go up a level for the gpu to ensure it will run at 1440p long enough to be worth it :)