Question 5600x overheat

Mar 29, 2023
I have a 5600x and lately, when I just stream vids with a couple tabs, my cpu temp is around 68-72 C. If I run any games (League, Hearthstone) also, it rises to high 80s and sometimes up to 92. I've only tracked the temps recently since my computer had shut down due to high temps. Do I need to change my thermal paste? Or because it overheated before, high temps are norm now? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
Sorry about that. here's below
AeroCool Cylon RGB Gaming Case
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 - 8GB GDDR6
120mm Addressable RGB Liquid Cooling System
I believe Aerocool Cylon cases can be pretty weak for airflow so you're operating at a deficit for that alone.

An AIO radiator installed at the rear with the fan airflow drawing the GPU's hot exhaust through it to exit will only heat up the CPU instead of cooling it. If yous is, one simple thing to do is simply open up the side panel of the case and see if CPU temperatures improve. That will tell you your case airflow is definitely a problem.

I'd locate the AIO radiator in the front with fans arranged to draw cool outside air across it and into the case. Also make certain the AIO's pump is operating at 100% speed all the time.
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