Question 5600x running at 50° without anything running

May 31, 2022
i just replaced my cpu because before i had an intel pentium g4560 and i heard that it is terrible, i got the r5 5600x today (im using the fan that comes with the cpu) and it is running at 60° on the desktop. if i try to open some game like apex legends it goes at 80° and im scared that i could fry the cpu... is it normal? thanks
Jun 8, 2022
I agree with Captain Discombobulate - those temps seem normal for that CPU using its stock cooler.

You will not fry your CPU. CPUs these days are smart enough to save their own life. If it gets too hot, it will reduce speeds to stay cooler. That's all. And it shouldn't start doing that until it gets to the mid-90s, I think.
80°+ in gaming is on the warm side, but is not apocalyptic. But if you want to keep it cooler and quieter, there are endless options for a better CPU cooler.
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Your cpu isn't running 60° at idle. It's closer to 32-35ish. Ryzens are not Intel, don't work or behave like Intel. Intel at idle downclocks and lowers voltages across all cores, but all cores remain active. So the entire load of background services and processes etc is split amongst all the cores, you see a 32-33° idle as that's the hottest core running at the moment the temp reporting software accesses the temps.

Ryzen at idle puts all cores except one to sleep, and rotates that single active core. That one core has the entire load of background on it, so sees 60° when the software reads it. But the 5 other cores are asleep, unused, barely above ambient. temp.

Your cpu is relatively cold, just 1 core is warm and software is set to read the hottest core.

Your idle temps are directly related to 3 things. Power the processor uses, airflow through the case and cooler ability. The closer you get to mediocre from great, the warmer the cpu will be reported.

Your load temps are based on the same 3, but airflow is a minor player and cpu power plays the major role, tempered by the cooler ability upto a point.
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