Question 5600x temps are 111Farenheit on idle, used to have 80-85 on idle previously


Retired Mod
Fahrenheit or Celsius? It makes a big difference. If it's Fahrenheit you have no problems at all because your CPU is only at about 45°C. If it's Celsius, then you have a BIG problem, because even at 80-85°C you were already out of recommended spec and were likely experiencing thermal throttling.

I suspect it MUST be Fahrenheit, because if you were at 111°C you would have likely either been seeing serious throttling or permanent damage to the CPU if the thermal throttling features were disabled or not working.

The fact that temps changed may be due to other circumstances, but in any case if that actually IS a Fahrenheit reading, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, at all.


Aug 21, 2015
If those temperatures are in Celsius (C) and you somehow got really lucky and haven't caused damage to your hardware yet don't turn the PC back on till you check the heat sink. Whatever CPU cooler you are using you will have to check the mounting to ensure it is correct or you will burn up your processor, maybe damage your motherboard. I have been fixing computers long enough to have seen a lot of "interesting" issues that even experienced builders have done when tired and rushing to install new hardware. I had computers in that had no thermal compound applied between the processor and the heat sink, I have also seen one rig where the person didn't remove the plastic protector on the bottom of the new heat sink. If your temps are in C and are that high you need to check your heat sink mounting and reapply thermal compound before doing anything else. I would also suggest making sure your cooling fans are operating normally, and if you are using an AIO check to ensure the pump is operating properly.