570 or 6970 for my Build?


Jul 18, 2011
Hello all, I could potentially save $100 by switching to a GTX 570 instead of a 6970. I just need to know a few things:

1) I plan on adding another graphics card in early 2012, so are the 570s better optimized for running two? Or are they both the same?

2) I want to max BF3. And hopefully Metro (once I add the second GPU). In other words, I just want a GPU that can max anything.

3) My monitor can scale waaay forward and waaaay back, so I can theoretically play on any resolution. As of now, I play on 1600x1200. I heard that the 570 is better at this resolution than the 6970. Is that correct?

4) I'm running a i5 2500k and 8GB RAM, if that matters.

5) I will also be running programs like Unreal Dev Kit, Finale/Reason, and some video editing stuff for Youtube (BF3 montages FTW!). Will the 570 outperform the 6970, or vice versa?

Judging by all of the above, which one would be better for me? And which 570 manufacturer should I pick, if it is better for me? Hopefully under $350.