Question 5700 XT AE Issues, not sure what is the cause.

Aug 12, 2019
Saturday: Game crashes approximately every hour with black screen and stuttering audio.

Sunday: Boot computer, flash of green on the screen. Opens game, half screen is dark so closes and reopens. Wrong resolution so unplugs display port and plugs it back in. Game goes from a grey menu with white text to blue menu with pink text. Shuts off PC and comes back later. DisplayPort shows desktop on 1/3rd of screen with barely readable text and opens the game looking normal. GPU begins to shriek and whine excessively loud and prior to the crashes the day before never did. If HDMI is used instead, desktop displays normally as it should but then my computer wont open any games or 3D applications.

I am almost certain it is my GPU but I am not sure what is the cause of it failing. I know the 5700 XTs including mine get hot, but not completely sure if that's the cause. I am suspecting overheating or power overdraw (which I am kind of hesitant on). I am RMA'ing the card, but just want to know if I can put a new GPU in safely or if there is another component going bad too and need to replace more parts. It's a fresh build so there shouldn't be too much wrong in theory. I have tried uninstalling all the drivers and reinstalling them, all of them were up to date when this happened.

CPU: Ryzen 3700x
GPU: 5700 XT AE
MOBO: Gigabyte X570 Mini Itx
RAM: G.Skill 3200 MHz 16 GB
PSU: SeaSonic Gold 650w
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