[SOLVED] 5700 xt blower or AIB

Aug 4, 2019
I know the general consensus is that blower style cards are louder and run toastier than their AIB counterparts. I'm in the market for a new gpu, the 5700xt is a nice fit price wise. I am literally starting from scratch, I ain't even got a desk or chair yet.
If I'm looking around the £400 bracket, so should I focus on the reference blower design or wait a week or 2 for the aib boards to release. The only reason I. Asking is if AIB cards are going to be £450-60 region while I can pick up reference blower xts for £370 is there any point to me waiting for aib cards?
I recommend you WAIT for some time for the AIB custom Models. They would be having much better cooling for the PCB/VRM. I can't comment on their price though.

This also depends on what type of ATX cabinet you are having ? It's your choice, if you prefer a blower style cooling, or a single/dual/triple fan design for the PCB (Open Air) ? .

The blower cooler will help push the hot air from the near of the chassis. It sucks air in through the single fan in the front of the card and blows it out of the back. It is important to note that even though all blower-type coolers use a single-fan design, not all single-fan cards are blower-style.

Exhausting air out the back of the card helps in cases with poor airflow since there is no hot air blown into the case; conversely, it is exhausted outside of the chassis. Which CABINET are you having ?