Question 5700XT AMD failure, crash, freezes, stay away, there should be a recall

Jan 19, 2020
so a whole month of faffing about with Sapphire 5700xt GPU with screen freezes black screens etc etc tec.. AMD just outright issued a RMA,

2 other colleagues same issue, How dare AMD think its ok for customers to mess about, try so many settings only to know their drivers are just pants and have been since mid 2019!!,

This is just a warning to all, stay away!! at times I thought I nearly got there and a fixed worked with various DDU options. the amount of time wasted is just not worth the savings.

So many other poor souls outside the return period stuck with a crashing GPU hoping but AMD dont give a POOH lol.

how many others suffering????

1000s of threads warning and I missed most of them focused on new build.

just took the plunge to get a 2070 super even though a bit out of my budget , lucky currys in UK had stock.

and yes tested build with my old 8 year old nvidia gpu and was able to play for hours and no crash. AMD SORT it out MAN, poor retailers/-E-tailers getting headaches with returns/troubleshooting . time and money gone in trying to support AMD GPU failure is just really bad.
UK trading standards informed and hope they look inot this, its an expensice piece oif hardware that is a failure

a friend at Amazon UK advised there had been a high return rate of AMD GPUs and they are pissed off.

Mobo b450 Tomahawk maxx
cpu:3600 AMD
16gb vengeance Ram
Seasonic Focus GX 750 (updated/edited)
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