Question 5700Xt core clock dropping


Jul 23, 2016
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I am not completely familiar with how the core clock for my GPU should fluctuate in game.
I have a 5700Xt Red dragon and noticed that in most games I play that my GPU frequency fluctuates massively which is usually followed by FPs drop/stutter. I have witnessed it be at around 1900mhz in AC odyssey for example and then drop sharply way below base to around 600mhz, resulting in my fps going to around 50's from 70's.

Temps for both GPU and CPU are around 60. and CPU usage is around 50%.
Was wondering if there is any way to lock my GPu to its base frequency/boost?
Also any pointers as to why my GPU is dropping below base in game?
I haven't OC anything, drivers are 20.8.3 as this works best with freesync for me, however I had the same issues with the latest and the ones prior.
I also have a R5 3600, 650Wt gold PSU 16GB memory