[SOLVED] 5700xt won’t work with 3 monitors.

Jun 25, 2020
I just bought a xfx 5700xt ultra thicc 3. Adding it to my old system which has a i5 4960k, 24gb ram. Before I was able to run my three monitors no problem. I have a 1080p tv (1) at I believe 60hz, the main monitor (2) at 1080p and 60hz and a 1600x900p monitor (3) at I think 60hz as well. Monitor (1) is a cable that is hdmi on the monitor side and DisplayPort on the other for the gpu. Monitor (2) is hdmi to hdmi. Monitor (3) is dvi on the monitor side to DisplayPort for the gpu. When they are all plugged in monitor (3) comes on first and shows windows booting. Then when I get to the screen to put in my password monitor (1) comes on with that screen. Monitor (3) shuts off. Now on the desktop only monitor one is working. When I unplug and reinsert monitor (3) sometimes it works. When I try the same with monitor (2) it attempts as the monitor starts responding but then before anything comes up on the screen it tells me no signal. When I unplug monitor (1) monitors (2&3) immediately turn on. When I try to plug back in monitor (1) it doesn’t work. I have downloaded new drivers and I downloaded amd adrenaline with no luck. Is my gpu bad? Thank you.
This sounds like one of those "it should work" situations. Per AMD literature, you can have up to 3 passive DP adapter cables (DP->HDMI or DP->DVI without using a special chip in the cable). The fix might be using 1 active cable (this is just an example grabbed at random, I don't endorse the product ... active DP->HDMI is also available). I would suggest getting it from somewhere was a generous return policy in case it does not solve the problem. If it does, then it costs a lot less than a new monitor.
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