Question 5700XT works only in slot 1 after bios mod for mining ?


Jun 16, 2019
Hello guys, I bios modded my 5700xt for mining. I flashed the GPU on my pc and the mobo has only 1 PCIe slot. The problem is that right now the 5700xt works only on the slot 1 (GPU 0) of my mining rig (ASRock H510 Pro BTC+). How can I fix that? Should I try flashing the bios directly in the HiveOS? I get weird things happening when I connect the GPU to another slot.. The bios freezes right on start, no keyboard light (if the gpu isn't on slot 1). I can only boot into the bios if I enable CSM without the GPU plugged in.. (?) I edited the bios using Red Bios Editor and amdvbflash to save the stock bios and flash it to the card.I used this command:

amdvbflash -p 0 bios.rom (position 0)

I think the GPU is set to only work on GPU 0 position (slot 1). I made everything right! The GPU got from 50mh/s to 55-57mh/s stable, consuming less power! The only problem is the GPU is working only on the first slot off my mining rig. I flashed the stock bios to see if the problem persists, and yes, it does.
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