5800 Ultra Problems


Oct 25, 2003
I recently built a system using as A7N8X mobo that I installed a GeforceFX 5800 in as the graphics card. About five days later, when turning the system on, it refused to boot. I tried a couple of other graphics cards (Gforce MX440 and 4600) in the system and these worked fine. I returned the 5800 for repair. However, the repaired/refurbished cards acts the same way, no boot. It does work in another system, however. So I am at a loss as to what the problem is. My next step will be to increase the VGA voltage, but I haven't done that yet since I'm hoping that someone else may have an answer for what's going on.


Former Staff
It sounds like the 12v rail on your power supply might be the problem.

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