5850 VRM's @120C with aftermarket cooling !*HELP*!

Hey all. :hello:

I've replaced the stock cooler on my sapphire HD5850 with a Thermalright HR-03 GT cooler, and used the provided heatsinks for the memory and the VRM chips.

Im very pleased with the GPU and Memory Temps, after 5 mins of Furmark GPU=66C Memory=73C.

But my VRM/VDDC = 120C before I closed furmark. :pt1cable: My 5850 is running at 725/1125.

I have a CM HAF932 Case which has good airflow, I've also added additional fans under the graphics card in an attempt to cool the VRM's better, but it didnt help : /

Anyone got any surgestions??

http://s676.photobucket.com/albums/vv125/iNoXious/ <------ Some pics of the aftermarket cooler on my toasty 5850.
Looks very nice. I'd try putting a decent fan directly blowing on those VRM coolers just to see if anything happens. If temps don't drop, I'd guess they either miscalibrated or didn't hook up the temperature sensors.
Well, what i did was move my PSU to the top of my case, so that i had room to mount 2 120mm fans at the bottom of the case, to blow air onto the VRM's, but that did very little to help.

GPU-z and Everest both state the same temps.

Yeah EXT64 shes hot alright. : /

Any ideas :p?
Hmmm that is a digital vrm and normally do run very hot but you need to find better coolers since the ones that come with the heatsink were meant for basic mosfets on nvidia cards and some ati. Don't you thermal pads to stick them but use bare vrm cooler and arctic silver 5 instead. It is what I use.

Nice find and I thought they no longer made those BUY IT. They do a wonderful job. As for mounting coolers with AS5 they don't fall off unless they get bumped around to much but if left alone for a while the compound becomes almost rock hard. that is how I cool the power vrm on my x1900xt, 8800gtx, both my 9800gt 1gb cards and it works well but time is key.
Yeah I might aswell give it a shot. It should do a better job than those heatsinks that came with the HR-03 GT.

I take it that you remove the thermal pad completely, then apply the AC5?

I wish I could get free delivery on that Zalman ZM-RHS70, Costs £3 for the heatsink and £7 for delivery : /. Ohwell I'll still get it.

Thanks for your help nforce4max, I'll let you know how I get on.

In the pic I noticed it is a pushpin so there really isn't a need to worry but the as5 method is what I use for when the cooler or the board does not have any holes to mount but use any way to improve cooling. Keeps my cards happy. That is how I cool my 8800gtx.