Oct 3, 2011
I want to max out bf3 and i played the beta with an amd athlon dual core 2x2 3.3 ghz with a 440 gt on med at 27- 30 fps
i recently upgraded to a i5 2500k an a 560 ti but im gonna buy a different graphic card couse i wasnt impressed with a 560 ti
now i can get the 590 or the 580 or the 570. im running on a 32 'inch tv with hdmi set up max res is 1900x1080 . now the motherboard i bought does not sli it just crossfires and i am not getting a amd or ati ever so i ask should i get a 590 since i can never sli to max out bf3 . and will a 590 be a better choice since ill never upgrade for about 3 years or will a 580 or 570 be better . plz help me choose . now remeber im gearing up for bf3 . im taking back the 560 ti to get a different card ! plz hurry with an answer bf3 comes out in 5 days ! thanks


Jul 21, 2010
I think going with 580 will be a better choice and it will save you lot of money too against 590. GTX 580 is still the fastest single GPU card and it has the potential to max out any game at DX 11 settings , so BF 3 can be easily maxed out on 590. So go for it.