Question 5900x CPU DRAM debug Light, will not boot up with 2 sticks of RAM

Mar 18, 2021
Hey guys. Any help here would be appreciated. I bought a 5900x, when I install it my DRAM debug light comes on on my MSI x570 gaming edge WiFi motherboard.
If I remove one ram stick and only leave in one ram stick it starts (im using PC now). I used the right RAM slots, 2 away from CPU and 4 away from CPU My previous setup is a 3800x and it works with 2 ram sticks. After trying my new setup and failing to get two ram sticks in I installed old CPU and it works.
*I have updated to the bios MSI recommends for my motherboard and 5900x
*I also tried turning on XMP with single stick in and reinstalling second and no cigar
*both ram sticks work individually (only when one is in)
*I tried messing with RAM voltage, no cigar Current
Bios version: 7C37v1D
Current motherboard: MSI Gaming Edge WiFi (MS-7C37)
Current Ram: G.SKILL TRIDENT Z NEO (2x8GB) - Timing: 16-16-16-36
Current GPU : 6900XT Phantom OC Someone please help, I dont think there is a fix, I have no idea what the hell the issue could even be. Pins on CPU straight as an arrow and its brand new.

I also have the latest Bios