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Question 5G Speed Bottleneck on laptop

Jul 16, 2020
Hi, I am getting 312mbps on my S20 mobile, but on 98mbps on my surface laptop 3 - both of which i tested next to the nokia modem. The laptop wifi adapter has a theoretical speed way beyond what its getting.

Any ideas why i cant get the same wifi speed on laptop as on the mobile? Do i need a better adapter? The adapter is a qca61x4a. The modem is a Nokia FastMile 5G

There is almost nothing you can change on wifi. Make sure you are running the latest drivers on the pc. These devices attempt to negotiate the best connection with the router. Most option you can set just make things worse so the default is generally better.

You want to use different SSID for 2.4g and 5g radios on your router. Many times when they are the same the 2.4g signal is stronger so it will connect to that even though there is less bandwidth on 2.4g.

You can see the data rates it connects to the router at in the nic status on the pc. This is not the same as the speedtest result speeds it is only the data encoding. If it is not connecting at good rates it generally means the router and pc can not negotiate a good connection at higher speeds. Other than moving the device around there is little you can do to affect this.