[SOLVED] 5Ghz i5 8600K-What cooler do I need

Feb 22, 2019
Hi, will the 280mm corsair H115i allow me to sufficiently cool my i5 8600K @5Ghz? I can run 5Ghz now with my Be Quiet Bk009, but under load tempers exceed 94c.
Your cooler is a minimum capability unit.
94c. is about as hot as you want to be.
You likely need a better cooler.
What is your case?
With a good case you will have many options.
as of 3/22/2018
What % of I5-8600k chips can oc
at a aggressive vcore of 1.4 or so and delidded
4.9 96%
5.0 85%
5.1 66%
5.2 38%
5.3 13%

Note the delidded caveat. About $50 to have it done professionally.

Usually, the vcore @1.4 will be the limit as to what you can safely do.

I run a delidded 8600K @5.0 with no issues as to heat.
I use a noctua NH-D15s in a silverstone TJ-08E case.
The AERO 800 Windowed Gaming Case which has 16cm height, so the Noctuna NH-D15 probably won't fit. I would also like my chip to be delidded but I don't know where I can get it done.
The noctua NH-D15s is not as tall, 160mm high and is a better cooler anyway.
Checking, though, I think your case is limited to 155mm.
Cryorig H7 will fit but it is only a 120mm fan cooler:

Here is a link to one delidding service, $59

They are reputable.