Question 5v RGB hub capability


Oct 19, 2006
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Yes. Go to that website you linked to, click on the "DOWNLOAD" tab and then on the "Control Manual" item. The pair of fans comes with a manual control box and some cables. Each fan has two cables from it, and one connects to a 4-pin fan port on the manual box, while the other connects to a 3-pin ARGB port on the other edge of the box. The box needs a connection to a SATA power output from the PSU. It comes with a cable that plugs into port "F" on one end and has two connectors on the other end to plug into mobo headers. One of these will be a 4-pin SYS_FAN or CHA_FAN header that is configured to use PWM Mode to control its fans, and this provides the fan motor speed control signals to the little hub box. That way the mobo fan header you use can control both these fans. The second connector on that cable plugs into a mobo ARGB header so that the mobo's lighting control software can control the lights in these fans. To do this, of course, your mobo MUST have an ARGB header (3-pin, 5VDC power system) - do NOT attempt to use this with a 4-pin 12 VDC plain RGB header! - and you must install and run the ARGB lighting control utility that comes with your mobo. THEN on the Antec small controller box, find the top button "G", the Mode button. If you press and hold this for at least five seconds, the box will switch to using mobo control of the lights.


Jan 30, 2019
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Hello everyone,

I'm planning to get a set of addressable RGB fans with an included controller/hub

(this one:

I wanted to know if I can target the individual fans through my motherboards software, so I could different color schemes, etc. for every fan.

thanks in advance.
I have 3 of these fans running. Controlled with Asus Aura along with the rest of my RGB/ARGB.

NOTE: Your mobo has to have an ARGB header if you want to sync via the mobo.