5XXX series to hit stores in less than 24HRS

What GPU will you be purchasing?

  • 5770 (delayed)

    Votes: 6 8.6%
  • 5850

    Votes: 17 24.3%
  • 5870

    Votes: 25 35.7%
  • 5870x2

    Votes: 11 15.7%
  • Im not interested.....

    Votes: 7 10.0%
  • I dont do ATI.....

    Votes: 4 5.7%

  • Total voters
Totally depends for me, things like how the cards actually perform, what the price is like and what the price/perf ratio is are all things i want answers on before i decide one way or another.
I would think that i will be in the market for either a 5770 if the numbers prove the 128 bit bus isnt an issue, or a 5850 but again that depends on benchmarks etc and i wont be buying anything before i see how they pan out on a full retail install of W7 anyway.
Basically there are a lot of things being promised by these cards, I'm assuming a lot of the rumour and speculation we have enjoyed on these and other boards are not too far from the mark or we would have had a remarkably convenient leak to put us straight.
Anyway not long to go now but at least a month or two before im looking to buy.



Jan 17, 2008
I am getting the 5870 based on its performance. IF it's near or beats the gtx295 and is better than the 4870x2, it will be in my computer.

If it is not, I take back my vote.

Can't wait on benches of its performance on a retail win7 system at the res I play.


Jun 14, 2009
I don't plan on purchasing a 5870 right away, as I am holding on to my now broken again XFX 4870x2 for awhile in hopes of getting upgraded through warranty after christmas. I don't think I will crossfire again (on chip or 2 cards) anytime soon, so if they don't upgrade me to a 5850/70 and replace the x2, then I will probably sell it to buy a 5870 by january. I, too, am also waiting for some time on the market before I jump in.
I had to vote "not interested" I am interested, but i have no plans to purchase a new GPU anytime soon. My old 8800GT still runs the games i play at the resolution i play at well enough for now.


Nov 11, 2008
I will have a really hard time validating a new gpu to myself until a game that supports DX11 that i want to play comes out.. it will only take one feature to get me to splurge I'm sure.. but I really do not need to replace my crossfire 4890's yet.. Certainly not before I get W7.

At any rate, I'll get a couple of 5870's in crossfire eventually.. though that is dependent on nothing better coming out between now and when I figure I need to upgrade.
Right now I plan to get two 5870s and install them SLI for kicks.

Then when the drivers crash, put one in my backup system.

Then when the drivers crash, go back to my current cards for a couple months until the drivers settle down.

Yup. That's my plan :)


Feb 2, 2009
I'll be waiting until the prices settle down a bit. The price and performance of the 5850 and 5870, although compelling, doesn't justify any reason for me to spend a good $300 or so for performance which I won't be using.


LOL ATI takes the crown and everyone moans oh I dont need it til it gets cheaper.

Nvidia takes the crown and charges 2x more and everybody has to have it. Makes no sense at all.

I was gonna buy one, but I dont game much and my 4870 works fine, so I bought a digital slr camera instead.


Feb 2, 2009

Actually, I have buyers remorse with any purchase above $50 :). I had a VERY hard time spending $210 on a 4890, considering the highest I had spent previously on a GPU was $120 for a 8800 GTS on ebay.


Mar 27, 2008


Apr 12, 2007
Hmmmm HD 5870 is OverHyped, OverPriced and Underperforming, YES !

In some games (HAWX) this cards is 13 % faster than hd 4890, it has DOUBLE count of 4890 SP and is more than twice more expensive.

Resident evil 5 - 19% faster than 4890
Crysis - 34 % faster
Left 4 dead - 43 % faster
FarCry2 - 54 % faster - Remeber it has 2x shader of a 4890 for 50 % boost, given the price a big let down from ATI :non: .
Stalker CS - 53 % - same story.

On average 37 % boost compared to a hd 4890, should be 80 %, i dont dream about 100% boost, gpu efficency, game optimisation etc makes fps loss.

anyway they ask you to pay TWICE the price of hd 4890 and you get 37-40 % increase. :heink:

The only positive points are : good performer at 25x16
Low watt useage

I'm not a ati either NV fanboy, i buy best power for my $, not brand. I'm not here to kill ATI, just saying we customers should stay reasonable and not get scammed.

My advice : WAIT, price drop + new drivers, Ati made big improvement on that side. Besides wait for NV response for price war domino.


Feb 21, 2009


You do realize the 4890 was a mid-cycle refresh right? Expecting double the performance of the 4890 is pretty stupid considering it just came out not that long ago. You can expect double the performance in a 5890 if they come out next year...


Mar 27, 2008
I expected more out of the 5870. Dont get me wrong it seems like a excellent card. Let see how it performs on dx11 games. I think nvidia is going to take back the crown soon as long as they don't "rebrand".


Jan 9, 2008
right now because of the initial driver in some games it doesnt show its real performance i guess. But u get what u r paying for imo. Here is the percentage increase of 5870 over 4890 (1920x1200 resolution with AA enabled)

Stalker clear sky: 61.4%
Crysis: 46%
Farcry2: 66.7%
L4D: 49.1%
WIC: 36.8%
HAWX: 9%
Resident Evil5: 27.5%
GTA4: 16.5%

If u exclude GTA4 which is extremely cpu dependent application and HAWX(seems like to have a driver problem for 5870 in that game) u will get an average increase of about 48% in performance than 4890 which i think is not really bad.

When gtx280 was launched it was about 33.7% performance increase in crysis than 9800gtx+, 47% in cod4, 42% in quake wars, 61.6% in UT3, 44% in call of juarez, 55% in HL2 EP2, 50% in WIC so about 50% in average performance increase for gtx280 over 9800gtx+ while the 9800gtx+ was selling in around $250 or less the gtx280 costs $600 or more that is about 3 times price than the 9800gtx+.

So now u judge

EDIT: the resolution for 9800gtx+ and gtx280 comparision was 1920x1200 and with AA enabled.