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Question 5yo harddrive gave up after seeing emojis

Jun 6, 2020
Hello. My hard drive sort of broke after I downloaded a folder with emojis in the name. I noticed a significant slow-down in my system after i put the folder on my desktop. CrystalDiskInfo shows that Reallocated sectors count is greater than 0. Ive never ever had this before. Even on my old laptop. Well.. the harddrive is 5 years old. The first 2-3hours the slowdown wasnt that big, but after that it takes me about 5 minutes for Windows to boot up. Can this be fixed or do I really have to buy a new hard drive.. ( the 2nd option would be extremely bad bcs im not an adult yet and cant go to work, and my parents only give me money when I want to go out with friends )
Be the fix from messing with some hard drive settings to manually taking apart and fixing the hard drive ill do it no questions asked. ( P.S im running on Win7 Ultimate if that matters ) [ Also sorry for very poor English ]
If the raw value of the Reallocated Sectors Count attribute is non-zero, then the drive is starting to go bad. If a read head is "weak", then this could explain the slow down.

In any case you should take this opportunity to backup any data that you need. Once you have saved your data, then you can perform a full surface scan with a tool such as HDDScan. It will identify any "slow" sectors.

BTW, CrystalDiskInfo has a Text Copy function, so you can copy and paste your SMART data here.