[SOLVED] 6 Card mining rig hangs


Aug 19, 2019
So I build a rig with the following:

RTX 3060 Ti x6
Ryzen 5 1200
ASRock AB350 Pro4
256GB NVMe (Windows 10)
Cooler Master MWE 850W
Corsair RM650

The 850 powers 3x Cards and the motherboard. The 650 powers the other 3 cards. When the cards powered by the 650W are unplugged and not running, there is no issue. However when everything is running, it either reboots or Windows hangs after a few hours of mining. I have swapped out the RAM, Swapped GPUs around with their riser cards, changed numerous Windows settings and BIOS settings, Reinstalled Windows, Bios updates and reset, but I have not been successful at all. Could it be the CPU that is not beefy enough to handle 6 Cards or the 650W PSU maybe? Any tips or advice will be appreciated.