6 pin or 5 pin for graphic card..!?


Jan 17, 2013
I bought a radeon HD 7870(power color) it needs two 6 pin power wire..
My power(700w) have just one..and I bought a 4pin to 6 pin convertor to support this..
But my convertor has 5 pin..!:-o
It has six hole for wires but two of them (the black wires) goes ein to one pin..!
I mean that one of its pin is nothing and no wire conect there..
Just look at this pic..


Is there any problem to conect this to one of graphic card 6pin..?
Is it corecet..?
Hmm, so you are saying that the adapter the 2 molex male to pci-express connection is not meant for permanent use? Do you have something to back this up with? I mean I would not want to use a power supply that didn't have the connections to start firstly but I wouldn't think it would blow up hmm...