[SOLVED] 6-pin power connector on motherboard ?

Jul 7, 2021
Hello! I have a custom made rig. M08S mobo with space and PCI connectors for 8GPUs. The PSU is 2300w and came with the rig. The mobo is connected with a 6 pin connector to the PSU. The only problem is that the PSU is VERY loud so I would like to upgrade it. My plan is to buy 3pcs. 750W PSUs. How can I connect the PSUs to mobo if they don't have 6pin only 24pin connectors? Is it even possible? Thanks
This link supposed to show my motherboard. I hope it is working. Thanks! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DdpXx9Cph7l6UbetngPpxagICioS56pe/view?usp=drivesdk
The link doesn't work.

Might this be an 8 GPU custom mining rig? Running the three PSU's in parallel is probably doable but I suspect you'll have to balance the load across the three PSU's and split the 24pin connectors out accordingly. I wouldn't attempt it because you'd also need to build a current monitoring and fail-over circuit to shut down the whole rig in case one PSU fails or you're looking at a fire.
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