Question 6-pin to 4-pin power adapters for video card safe?

Dec 24, 2019
The PSUs in prebuilt systems are often very bad and barely adequeate to run the system as is! I wouldn't trust it to run such a power muncher, especially not through molex adapters. It's something about specific rails inside the power supply which can be overloaded.

You really need to consider replacing the power supply! Those RX5xxx series like power. I have the 590 which is essentially an overclocked 580 and it needs both a 6-pin and an 8-pin connector. The fact that there is no PCI-e connector on it could indicate it wasn't intended to power such a device.

Edit - I have had an FSP PSU myself. As far as I know they're okay, but the one i have is a 350 watt in an office PC.


Absolutely, positively do NOT do that! A molex to PCIe adapter is bad enough, but then trying to trick the video-card-side adapter into thinking two molexes are providing power when only one really is, well, that's asking for a fire.

That they don't mention what the PSU is, on its own, is a little alarming. That it's a modern system, but the PSU has 4-pin molex connectors and does NOT have PCIe connectors is even more alarming, making me wonder if the PSU is one of VERY old design.

If this is showing the correct specs, then, for all intents and purposes really a 408W PSU. Thus, even if it had the correct PCIe connectors, I would NOT trust it.

Take a look at the first link in my signature for PSU recommendations. Get a high quality unit, and enjoy your PC with the new video card trouble-free and hazard-free.