Question 6-pin to 6-pin for powering risers on EVGA 1000w G3?

Jul 13, 2021
I'm building a mining rig and have a EVGA 1000w G3 PSU. I'm currently powering the risers with an 8-pin to 6+2 cable that I've plugged into one of the VGA slots in the PSU. I'd like to free up the VGA slots to power more GPUs and power the risers from different ports on the PSU. Can I power the riser from the SATA port on the PSU? I don't want to use a SATA connector due to fire hazard and am rather trying to find a 6 pin to 6 pin cord like this:

Is there any issue with powering the riser from the SATA port on the PSU using a 6pin to 6pin cable? Is that cable compatible with an EVGA 1000w G3 PSU?


If you are talking about the 6pin modular cable plug directly on the PSU. That end uses a proprietary pin out. It may look like a standard connector. But the positives and grooms may be on the wrong leads.

While it should easily handle the risers via 6pin. You’ll need to map the pin out on the PSU end with a multi meter. Then swap the cables around on the connectors. So, the PCIe connector pin out is correct.
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