Question 6 port ethernet socket in wall??

Oct 26, 2020
Hi All,

Hope someone can help me with a Home ethernet question.

We recently moved into a new house which has Ethernet ports running to all rooms.

Then problem I have is I cannot locate the hub (not sure if its even there) but in the living room upstairs there are 2 wall sockets. 1 with 6 ethernet ports and the other with 2 ethernet ports, 1 landline port and 2 dish ports.

Does anyone have any experience with this set up and how to get it working? If yes please let me know.

This is a project only you can do, we here on the forum can not look inside the wall plates or search your house for a patch panel.

A outright guess would be the 6 port outlet is actually the patch panel all the other room run back to.

You need to do some testing and take the wall plates off and see if anything is actually connected.
I would contact the contractor. If they did something this jank, there's a good chance you're going to have wiring issues too so best to start talking to them now as you probably have a warranty.
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Get a tone generator and trace the wiring.
What manner of internet is available in your area?

It really could be any number of variables based on how old the home is, what service is or was available at that time, and other factors that we could not possibly know.