Question 6 to 8 pin adapter or new psu?

Aug 24, 2020
I'm about to buy a gtx 1660 super, but my psu has 1x6 pin and no 8 pins.
I don't know much about electricity, cables or power supplies.
can I connect my 6 pin to the 8 pin? should I buy an adapter or a new psu and which one? I've been using the psu for about 3 years and didn't have any issues with it. Infact I had a few power shutdowns with no issues.
my build:
gtx 1050 2gb (will be replaced with the 1660)
antec 400wat bp400px psu ( )
i5 7400
8(+ future 16 gb ram)
3x140 mm LED fans
asus H110M-K motherboard
dg7000 case ( )


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Do NOT use an adapter. Get a new power supply. Any power supply that is sufficiently capable of supporting any configuration of 6, 8, dual 6 or 8 or 6+2 pin auxiliary connectors would ALREADY have them. Manufacturers don't leave them off just because they want to save money or because they don't feel like putting them on there. They leave them off because they know the unit is not able to support them.

Besides which, you would be wise to go with a GOOD 550w unit for that 1660 super since it calls for AT LEAST a 430w unit and currently there are no (Or at least very few) 430w units that have both good quality AND the required connectors, that I'd trust well enough to say "sure, go ahead and use it with that graphics card".

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