Question 60 CFM fans enough for airflow?


Oct 1, 2018
Recently ordered some Noctua NF-A14 fans, and after learning the hard way that it doesnt like the hexagonal holes in my case, making it have an undulating/"wobbly" noise, I decided to return them and get my money back, which I did.

Now, I'm looking to replace my current setup of 4 Pure Wings 2 140mm PWM High-Speed fans. They may be good, but they're a bit noisy.

My case is a be quiet! Pure Base 500DX. My current airflow setup is like this:

My GPU is a Zotac RTX 2070 Mini and my CPU is a non-K i7-8700 running at 4.3 GHz all cores.

The CPU cooler is a Thermaltake UX200 rated at 130W (considering my CPU pushes a max of 95W even under Prime95 torture test with AVX, it's good enough).

Would four Silent Wings 3 140mm PWM fans, that have a max RPM of 1000 and CFM of 59.5, all at a 15 dB noise rating (which is perfect for me) work on this case? Would it keep my components cool? I want to have them set as 1x rear exhaust, 1x top exhaust and 2x front intake, obviously.

Should I go for the high speed versions of the same fans, which are only $1 more?

Should I ditch the top fan altogether?