News $60 DIY Raspberry Pi NAS Kit Offers SATA, Impressive Cooling

The kit is available with or without an actual Raspberry Pi board, but the two options available on AliExpress are for 4GB and 8GB models and almost look like bargains given how hard such boards have been to track down recently (opens in new tab).

4GB Pi Should be ~ $55 USD
8GB Pi Should be ~ $75 USD

That Ali Express link shows the case at $46, case 4 GB $193, 8GB $221, so basically a $100 markup on the Pi? Not sure that's a good deal. That's scalper prices.

At $200 there's plenty of mini PCs that start looking pretty interesting. Heck at that price you could have an actual PC (if you wanted). The only real downside I see might be power consumption?
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