60 GXP is failing on me.


Dec 31, 2001
hi all, about a month and a half ago i put togeather a new system using a 60 gig 60gxp HDD...... well i reallllly wish i didnt go with IBM. i heard terrible things about the 75gxp, but i figured i would be ok because i was getting the 60gxp. about a week after i had the system up and running it started randomly making these.... well, the best way i can describe it is a beep sound, but not a sound intended to be a beep, like the hard drive is spinning such that the sound is a beep. it lasts for a second or two. this went on for a month until the goddamn thing died on me. well i called IBM and talked to a very helpful guy and he told me where i could get the tester boot disk thing. i ran it, and it found a bad sector, and fixed it. at first i was relieved because i feared i would have to send it to thailand and i wouldnt see a HD for another 2 months. after i fixed it i reinstalled windows xp and proceeded to curse ibm and wish i had just bought a seagate or maxtor, you see i absolutly hate reformatting and reinstalling, redownloading, reconfiguring everything... anyway i doubt any of you care. well after a couple hours i heard the noise again, and think to myself... hmmm well i should have another 30 days on me til i have to clean the thing out again. my question is i need advice, should i RMA the thing now, wait till it breaks again then RMA it, or just keep on running the utility everytime it breaks. thanks for the help.


Dec 31, 2007
I agree. Send it back ASAP. I tried the same things with my DTLA-307045 75GXP, and it would work ok for a month, and then I'd get the clicks, chirps, bad sectors, etc...
It finally got to the point where the IBM DFT tool would not fix the problem.
I received my replacement back in Aug of last year, and so far I've had 4 bad sector problems with this one. I have no choice but to RMA this one soon, because I have no use for a hard drive that I can't trust.
When you get the replacement, I'd seriously recommend a dedicated hard drive cooler if you are planning on running and using the new drive. But I can honestly say that I still would not trust IBM hard drives.
Good luck,


Dec 31, 2007
u have had rotten luck with those dries mag.
i would love to know the place they were manufactured...

the 60gxp ive got is made by ibm in thailand... and a fried has one, also no probs, thats made for ibm in malasia.

i wonder why some people are getting 3 baddies in a row and others arnt.
gotta be something in common

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