Question 60hz monitor, input lag and V-Sync + 60fps vs over 100.Any difference? Need answers guys!

May 9, 2019
- i5 9400f

- GTX 1660

- 28 inch display, 60hz

Yes, biggest mistake to take a 60hz for gaming but I like open world games like gta, witcher and I though I will not see the difference.Well I was wrong cuz I heard it is huge.Anyway don't have money right now to take a new one so I will stick with this for 1 year.So now I am asking you:

For playing open world games with NO TEARING and ARTIFACTS, which v-sync is better? ON,OFF,ADAPTIVE,ADAPTIVE(HALF) OR FAST? I know the definition of each and I kinda understand what it does BUT let's take GTA V example as a popular game...Will I enjoy it more in 100-120fps and some tearing or it's useless because my display can't "see" more than 60fps?

I play the game in full hd so I have a lot of fps(over 100).Should I cap to 60 with VSYNC ON and reduce tearing?If yes, which is better ADAPTIVE, ON or FAST? (cuz each reduce tearing to 0)

Sorry I know it's a lot to read but pls help me :D


You seem to have more modes than I am familiar with.

V-sync on or Adaptive V-Sync is probably all you would need for games like Witcher. GTA has FPS elements, so, you might want to go for that FAST setting there, though you should research what that does in your case.

Nothing wrong with 60FPS for non competitive titles. You are reading about the difference between 16.67ms at 60hz and 7ms at 144hz or whatever the case may be. The idea there is your reaction time will be about 10ms faster than someone not using a high refresh rate, and a slight advantage. There is also additional input lag with any type of syncing, so many competitive gamers run with no sync and let the frame rate be as fast as possible. At the very high rates, you don't have enough time to notice the tears.

Tearing is undesirable from a visual standpoint, particularly in open world games where you have time to notice it. Having a frame rate faster than the monitor supports doesn't really do anything detrimental to anything otherwise. You either like having a high refresh rate and don't mind tearing, or you eliminate tearing and get the increased input lag.

That is why technologies like FreeSync and G-Sync were introduced. Best of both worlds. There is still a small impact in input lag, but tearing is eliminated and you aren't locked into a single frame rate either. When possible these are the best options.