Question 60hz monitor, input lag and V-Sync + 60fps vs over 100.Any difference? Need answers guys!

May 9, 2019
- i5 9400f

- GTX 1660

- 28 inch display, 60hz

Yes, biggest mistake to take a 60hz for gaming but I like open world games like gta, witcher and I though I will not see the difference.Well I was wrong cuz I heard it is huge.Anyway don't have money right now to take a new one so I will stick with this for 1 year.So now I am asking you:

For playing open world games with NO TEARING and ARTIFACTS, which v-sync is better? ON,OFF,ADAPTIVE,ADAPTIVE(HALF) OR FAST? I know the definition of each and I kinda understand what it does BUT let's take GTA V example as a popular game...Will I enjoy it more in 100-120fps and some tearing or it's useless because my display can't "see" more than 60fps?

I play the game in full hd so I have a lot of fps(over 100).Should I cap to 60 with VSYNC ON and reduce tearing?If yes, which is better ADAPTIVE, ON or FAST? (cuz each reduce tearing to 0)

Sorry I know it's a lot to read but pls help me :D
My experience/opinion, more than 60fps on a 60Hz monitor is not useless. Typically, in first-person games mostly, the higher fps can be "felt" when moving the view around quickly. Open world third-person games don't seem too bad to me with v-sync enabled. When I experienced screen tearing on 4K 60Hz (this was CoD, first-person), I enabled Fast Sync (Nvidia) and that pretty much eliminated screen tearing. I would say you should try each combination for yourself. Different people can prefer different setting depending on the game.
Seems to me you're asking for an answer to what is a very subjective experience. In which case I would say you'd have to try all those options and find the one you like the most. (It is effectively what you are asking.) There isn't a one size fit all option.

On a more factual basis, if you know what the lowest fps you get are (0.1% lows), then you could probably choose accordingly which option is 'best'.