Question 650w power supply good or should I upgrade

Feb 13, 2020
Okay so I am a average gamer and streamer I make YouTube videos as well and I was wondering if a 650w gold power supply is still good enough for what I have

System specs

ASRock b450 pro motherboard
Ryzen7 2700 CPU
Gtx 1660 ti
32 gb ddr4 ram ( 4 x 8gb)
1 tb 7200 rpm hdd
USB components
Elgoto hd60s capture card
Goxlr mini
Logitech c920 webcam


Its a evga
That's not specific enough. EVGA makes several good models, and a bunch of crap models.

From the first link in my sig:
Not very good are the W1, N1, B1, B3 (Most models failed Aris Mpitziopoulos stringent testing), BQ, BR, BT and G1 NEX models. EVGA seems to like releasing a new model every other week so there are possibly other unlisted models that you'd do well to avoid beyond these. When in doubt, if you can't find a review on an EVGA unit, it's probably because it is either too new, or it's quality is seriously lacking.

Good models are the B2, GQ, G2, G2L, G3, P2 and T2 models. Seems that the EVGA G5 series might be best avoided. The OEM is FSP on the one reliable review so far which was for the 1000w model, and while likely not strictly FSP's fault, the unit did not look like a worthy successor to the G2 or even the G3, which itself was not as good as the G2 but still better than most units out there. There are other, better choices than the G5 at this price point including their own G2 models, which, are getting hard to find. I think even the GQ units would be a better choice.
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Nobody at Tom's recommends PSU's from brand names alone. As @King_V said, EVGA makes a few really good models and a bunch of mediocre and crap models(paraphrased). We need to know what model EVGA you have and its age. Around here we rely on comprehensive reviews where units are put through increasing thermal and power loads and then disassembled for thorough component analysis to identify the quality of the parts it's made from, including all protective circuitry. Only after the PSU passes these tests, offer a good warranty and value for your money, do we recommend them.
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