Both cards offer similar performance and are priced about the same. So it could come down to if you find a better deal with one of them. I kind of like the 384-bit memory interface of the 7950 compared to only 192-bit for the 660-Ti, I know right now it doesn't make much difference in the benchmarks, but I'm wondering if it could become handy in the future (but yeah I know nothing is "future proof").
nothings future proof the gtx 660ti will be good for a while, when it becomes not performant enought, like usually ull have to get a new card, thats standard pc games for ya, u always need to upgrade when the new games require more juice, also im really unshur if the 384 bit will give it more performance down the line, considering the gtx 660ti is 192 bit and theres no real difference here, also considering the adaptive vsync nvidia has the edge with vsync, also the 7950 is more expensive, so for price to performance ratio the nvidia 660 ti wins here.




How many times are you going to state that the 660ti has the price/performance ratio?? With a 192 bit bus and poor scaling?? The 7950 with a mild overclock beats out the 680 and has more bandwidth and more vram for $300!

Again??? LOL

Let me just copy/paste this from previous thread.

Please read THE WHOLE story before spreading that. It is true that there is a latency issue, BUT it is not as real world affecting as most people have now started believing and TechReport has said this themselves. [...] -revisited [...] -windows-8 [...] peed-video [...] ng-methods

The drops he is experiencing is not consistent with what TR has found, those are natural drops that the GTX660ti would encounter in certain situations too.

EDIT : Here is a nice lengthy discussion for you to read too. [...] w=0&nojs=0


Yeah third time I have seen him do that and then when you ask for prove he just shrugs that it would take time... LOL.

So over arguing with him...

There is my opinion on the matter.

BUT if your ead all of it you will see that AMD is starting to fix this so don't stress.

I still would chose the AMD for now.



I understand he has a 660ti thats great, but the 7950 has much more potential at the same price point.


Sep 21, 2012

Nice that changes things a bit then..Thanks
well not really to be honest, i got my gtx 660ti at 240$ the cheapest 7950 was 300$, thats still 60$ for not alot of juice more, yes in the long run the 1gig extra of vram and bus might help it but for a while the gtx 660ti and 7950 are very close in performance.

to me 60$ is a big difference. regardless if u say its not a good bang for bucks to me the cheapest card with the most performance is best in my book considering im under a small budget, if i had more money i might get a 670 overclock it to 680 levels, or a 7970.