Question 660ti running @ 100% load and crashing often


Apr 1, 2017
MOBA: intel z270
CPU: intel i7
RAM: 2x 8GB DDR4 Gskill Ripjaws
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660ti
PSU: Corsair 750-TX

The 660ti is constantly running @ 100% load and causes soft or hard crashes when gaming or watching youtube.

History & Past Troubleshooting
My GTX 1080 blew a capacitor, so until EVGA's warranty team sends me a replacement or I buy a new card I plan to use my old 660ti . My 2nd monitor is running off of the MOBA onboard graphics, so I can monitor the task manager performance tab. Shortly after loading into 3D game environment the GPU will hit 100% load and stay there, chugging away at 13-30 fps. CPU and memory do not get close to maxing out. A crash will lead to the GPU's load abruptly dropping to 0%, but the GPU fan will keep spinning @ full speed. This kind of hard crash requires a manual restart to overcome (2nd monitor will not freeze immediately, but CTRL-ALT-DELETE etc will not work). Sometimes when watching youtube the firefox window will go white, but tabbing in-and-out will return the video to normal. I used this card in my old build and was able to achieve at least 60FPS playing Dark Souls or Vermintide 1, but now cannot get above 20FPS (even with minimal settings). Clearly the way in which the machine is controlling the card is flawed.
  • I have done a clean driver install (v436.48) using the DDU How-To on this forum
  • I have installed MSI afterburner and tried clocking up to 123% (marginal improvement)
  • I have set the global settings in the Nvidia control panel to set power mode to "maximum performance"
  • V-sync doesn't prevent crashing, it only slows the fps decline in games. They still bottom out around the same FPS.
Is there any other info that would be helpful? Any tips or new directions to troubleshoot in?


You should ideally be on older drivers for that GPU, seeing how a lot of people have been stating that the GPU's end up being killed when moved to the latest drivers. Officially GPU's prior to the 900 series are loosing support. Also, overclocking that GPU is not going to help your cause. Vsync will only tax the GPU more and send it to death faster.

Which BIOS version are you currently on for your board? Are you sure the EVGA card's cap didn't blow out due to a failing PSU?